with various certified wastewater treatment solutions.

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The simplest technology to cost-effectively and eco-responsibly treat wastewater 

Economical, Eco-responsible, Simple & Long-Lasting

The System O)) concept is a complete range of certified, proven wastewater solutions.

At the core of the System O))® concept, the proven Advanced Enviro))Septic® technology reproduces the controlled and concentrated conditions of our ecosystem’s natural regeneration cycle. This way, the technology links distribution, treatment and water infiltration in one activity. The strength of the product lies in this triple-action process.

We have proven its efficiency under new conditions and configurations during a 15-month bench test in Canadian (Quebec) soil. Since the Fall 2018, the Advanced Enviro))Septic® technology, combined with other new technologies, allows us to provide tertiary-level quality treatments such as phosphorus removal and disinfection.

The new advanced secondary treatment certification allows us to treat 126 L/day of wastewater with each Advanced Enviro))Septic® pipe. We can also reduce the thickness of the sand filter (Q-2, r.22) layer under Advanced Enviro))Septic® pipes to 35 cm using a Low-Pressure Distribution System. In addition, the system’s components were improved to further simplify its installation. We can also install this technology on an impermeable area with a watertight collection membrane that recuperates treated water for discharge – to a waterway if local regulations allow it, or to any other tertiary treatment unit.

With this eco-responsible act, DBO Expert is making a real difference in the wastewater treatment industry, whether for isolated dwellings or for commercial, community, institutional and industrial projects. The System O)) concept is cost-effective, eco-responsible, simple and long-lasting!