Cost-effective in the short, medium and long term. There are many solutions that depend on soil conditions, field size, volume per day, etc. … Ask one of our representatives about getting the advice of a technologist or an engineer who will conduct a soil survey to see what options are available. When you receive their report, discuss with your representative which solution is best. The plans will then be drafted to your specifications! All that remains then is to obtain a permit from your municipality for your septic installation and to choose a qualified installer/excavator who will carry out the work. We suggest that you have at least three businesses bid.

1. Compared to a conventional field, Advanced Enviro))Septic technology contributes to these three steps: :

  • A uniform distribution of sewage from the septic tank over the entire treatment area.
  • Bacterial proliferation technology that treats wastewater.
  • Safe evacuation of treated water into the environment by infiltration into the soil.

We extend the sustainability of your septic field! The technology exists since 1987, so there systems today that have been in use for over 30 years and are still perfectly functional.

2. Our systems are eligible for the Québec government tax credit: 20% tax credit

3. Compared to other technologies on the market, we are so convinced of the savings you will make that we invite you to compare us with the competition. To help you do this, using the advanced secondary treatment system as a baseline, we provide you with the following chart: