System O))

System O))® is a new concept of certified wastewater treatment chain offering many solutions.

The heart of the System O))® remains the Advanced Enviro))Septic® technology with its process that is in fact, a controlled and concentrated reproduction of the natural regeneration cycle of our ecosystem. Thus, this technology links distribution, treatment and water infiltration in one activity. The strength of this product is definitely in this triple action process.

We proved its efficiency under new conditions and configurations during a bench test of 15 months in Canadian (Quebec) soil. Since 2018 fall, the Advanced Enviro))Septic® technology, combined with other new technologies, allow us to provide tertiary treatments such phosphorus removal and disinfection.

The new advanced secondary treatment certification allows us to treat 126 L/D of waste water per Advanced Enviro))Septic® pipe. It is also possible to reduce the filter sand bed Q-2, R.22 under the Advanced Enviro))Septic® pipes to 35cm using a Low-Pressure Distribution System. The system’s components have been improved to simplify even more its installation. We also have the option to install the technology on an impermeable surface with a collection area that can deliver treated water to a watercourse if release conditions allow it, or to any other tertiary treatment unit.

Through this eco-responsible shift, DBO Expert ensures makes a real difference in the wastewater treatment market, both for isolated residences as for commercial, community & institutional projects.


The Distribution and Infiltration SystemWhen the floor and the ground permit, the installation is done like a conventional installation. The Advanced Enviro))Septic® technology replaces the perforated pipe and is considered an infiltration chamber. Increased durability & no annual monitoring contract.


Tertiary Treatment in Phosphorus RemovalTreatment chain with a simple and passive phosphorus removal unit.


The Revised Conventional InstallationThe hybrid way combining Advanced Enviro))Septic® to a conventional field. Very economical, increased durability & no annual monitoring contract.


Tertiary Disinfection TreatmentTreatment chain with a disinfection unit with a very low energy consumption.


Advanced Secondary TreatmentThe most commonly installed model. Can be installed in a highly permeable, permeable, low permeability and even waterproof soil. Reduction of ± 50% in area compared to a conventional field.


Commercial, Communal & InstitutionalIdeal solution for building, hotel, motel, camping, mine, communal project … You are invited to contact us, and one of our representatives will be happy to help you in your project.